The Duke Dust Up

We're excited to announce that, starting August 18th, The Duke Saloon will be hosting its first ever battle of the bands: The Duke Dust Up.

There will be four nights of competition followed by a final round. Performers will play 20 minute sets and be assessed by our host, The Tumblin' Dice frontman Ryan Evans, and a panel of guest judges.

Winners will get to take the Jim Beam Stage for a paid weekend gig as well as a $500.00 gift card to Long & McQuade Musical Instruments (courtesy of our friends at Molson Coors B.C.).

Prelims 1: August 18th starting at 7PM
Featuring Sunset Lane, the Rotten Little Kings & Bryce Allan - Winner Bryce Allan
Prelims 2: September 1st starting at 7PM
Featuring Black Whiskey, Jariot Paul & The Stragglers O.T.S. - Winner The Stragglers O.T.S.
Prelims 3: September 8th starting at 7PM
Featuring Thank Helen, The Kevin Timmer Band, Reign Down, Snake Island Railroad & The Rowdy Spurs
Finals: September 29th starting at 7PM
Featuring Bryce Allan, The Rowdy Spurs, The Rotten Little Kings & The Stragglers O.T.S.
Victory Lap: November 10th & 11th

Drink Specials:
$5.25 Coors Banquet During the Dust Up ($5.75 Afterwards)

To register, email info@thedukesaloon.com with your band name and the 3 songs you want to be performing.

IMPORTANT: The performers will need to arrive prior to open on their designated nights for set up and sound check. Song selection is first come first serve (i.e. if another band/performer has requested to play a song before you they have dibs). The Dust Up winner(s) will need to be able to play three 45 minute sets for their paid weekend gig on November 10th and 11th (40+ songs).

Please email us if you have any questions!