So You Think You Can Chel? 2.0


So You Think You Can Chel? 2.0

The Duke is once again hosting an Xbox One NHL 17 tournament!

This will be a Round Robin format, with 16 teams of 2, with the top 8 teams advancing to the playoffs (which will be single elimination). We have 2 large HD projection screens so there will be 2 games going on simultaneously!

Registration is $50 per team, please submit you and your teammates name along with a team name, type of pizza (Hawaiian, pepperoni, or cheese) along with an email money transfer to info@thedukesaloon.com

Disclaimer: There will be NO changing of gameplay settings or rules, all games will be played under predetermined settings. In game team selection will be done with 3 random selections and the user's choice of which team they would like to use. Rock, paper, scissors will determine home and away.

Feel free to email info@thedukesaloon.com for more details!