Murder at the Granby Claim


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Murder at the Granby Claim:
A Western-Themed Interactive Murder Mystery
Can You Solve The Murder Of The Sheriff?

October 30th
$20.00 Tickets

Drink Specials:
$5.75 Duke Lager Pints ALL NIGHT
$5.25 Southern Comfort ALL NIGHT


Come and discover who killed the Sheriff at the Granby Claim. You will need to use all your investigative skills and ask questions throughout the the evening to uncover the details of the murder. Actors will be playing the role of the key townsfolk, as you mingle with them and other guests throughout the evening. Follow your Sherlock Holmes instincts, and once the you've eliminated the impossible, the improbable must be the truth.

Come enjoy a fun, unique evening at a venue that is perfectly suited to carry the theme of this old west murder mystery!

Dress-up highly encouraged.